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The Tantras are a collection of ancient scriptures considered sacred by a large part of humanity, mostly inhabitants of the East.

These scriptures were a way of recording the thoughts, customs and rituals of ancient native peoples of India, before the Aryan colonization.

These same societies gave rise to Yoga practices, which today are popularly spread across 5 continents. Yoga is already a light rooted in the habits of modern society.

Because they were tribal societies organized in a matriarchal way, where the female spirit dominated socially, there were customs and values different from our current society and, therefore, the practices of these ancient societies are a medicine to the needs of contemporary humanity, organized in a polarized way, with male predominance.

We do not believe in fairy tales and we know that even the ancient societies organized by the feminine spirit, experienced their challenges and obstacles in the search for harmony and for a model of coexistence that was productive, had success in many areas but failed in others and left to exist

In the same way that when we look at our current system and society, we can notice different dark spots that are leading this system to collapse, but we can easily recognize the successes of humans who express incredible potentials.

The feminine vision of those ancient societies valued the space of intimacy, sexuality and sensorial experience as a form of vital nourishment.

And we can drink from this ancient source of knowledge to enhance our modern experience of intimacy that is lacking in values that were cherished in those times.

In contact with these practices you will get to know other references, meanings and rhythms for pleasure.

Get inspired to sacralize and ritualize the spaces that are most important to you, so that they are filled with life and fulfillment.

These same scriptures have influenced the formation of some of the main religions on our planet and many lines of esotericism and occultism even defend the influence of Tantras on monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Tantra is an inspiration for our work as therapists.

We are professionals dedicated to self-knowledge and passionate about the inner dynamics of human beings and relationships with bonds, so we do not present ourselves or profess in the name of any tantric tradition.

We compile and develop practices and awareness dynamics so that ordinary people, like us, thirsty to experience the dormant potential of their intimacy, can get to know practices and resources that support the development of this space.

So, more than talking, teaching or practicing Tantra, we are talking about intimacy, health and sex, which is something that we all want and do, or at least it has to do with our origins.

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